Transition Tips for the New School Year

Transition Tips for the New School Year

In just a couple of short weeks, your child will be transitioning to a new classroom.  The first week will be exciting, fun and possibly stressful! Rest assured, the teachers and management team at your NGCC School have been working hard to make the transition as easy as it can be.  Here are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Avoid talking about the transition in a negative way.  Even if you totally love your child’s current teachers and are devastated that it is time to move on, avoid having those conversations around your child.  Children are very easily influenced by their parent’s emotions.  Try to keep conversations about the new classroom light and enthusiastic.  Talking about some of the new adventures he/she will have in the classroom is definitely more beneficial than lamenting about the things that will be missed in an old classroom.  Keep in mind that even when you think your children aren’t really listening, they probably are.
  2. Transitions are almost always challenging for children, but allowing a child to focus on only one transition at a time can be helpful. While sometimes adults feel that making several big changes at once is easier than spreading them out over a few months that is not usually the case for children.  Children need their comforts and routines during transitions.  If at all possible, postpone getting rid of the pacie/binky, transitioning away from a special blanky or lovie, starting a new drop off or pick up schedule, etc. until your child has acclimated to the new classroom.
  3. Create a book of the special people or places in your child’s life.  The teachers can let the child look through the book if he/she starts to feel a little sad.  A book like this can be a great security blanket for children.  As an added bonus, you will already have an assortment of family pictures for the classroom teachers when they ask for them in a few weeks!
  4. Make a book about the new teachers and classroom in anticipation of the transition.  If your child truly feels anxious about the new classroom and transition, consider working with the Program Manager and/or center Director to get pictures of the teachers, classroom, new program mascots and anything that may be important for this new school year (i.e. the new playground space). Every evening, review the book with your child making these new things a little less scary and a little more exciting every time the two of you look them over.
  5. Inform the new teachers of all those little quirky things about your child that can make or break their day.  The first few days, children can have difficulty communicating all of their wants to their new teachers.  NGCC tries to help alleviate some of that anxiety by having your child’s current teachers fill out a transitioning child form for each child for their new classroom teachers.  These forms give the new teachers the scoop on everything about your child.  The important things that give your child that individualized care that you expect, things like:


She needs space first thing in the morning and likes to spend his first ten minutes in the classroom reading by himself in Book Center

When your child feels sad, usually a nice long hug and one round of You are My Sunshine does the trick to bring back his smile

He does not like any of his food to touch

He prefers standing to sitting at Circle Time

If you are still feeling nervous, please take the time to share any quirks or preferences with the new teachers so that everyone can be on the same page.

Having your child transition to a new classroom with new teachers can be an anxious and exciting time.  Many of our NGCC teachers and management team will be going through the same process with their own children.  Each child will react differently to change and will need different supports to help them through the transition.  At NGCC, our goal is to make the start of the new school year more exciting than anxious.  If you are still feeling nervous about the transition, please talk to your Center Director or Program Manager so together, you can brainstorm ways to make the transition a positive experience.

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