Secret Agent Summer Program

Calling all Secret Agents! Report to headquarters immediately for details of your next mission!

Join us at Next Generation Children’s Centers for

Each week Mr. X will assign a top secret mission that will take you to destinations around the world

and develop your skills so that you can become a Super Spy.


July 2 Mission: Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower
eiffel_towerThe Queen has lost her Royal Jewels. It is up to our Secret Agents to explore France and find her prized possessions.
July 30 Mission: Rock & Roll
punk_rockedAn 80’s Rock band has lost their guitar. Our Secret Agents will go undercover and form a band to track down the missing guitar.
July 9 Mission: Aloha, Mr. X!

coffee_beans_week_3Coffee shipments have been disappearing from a local Hawaiian coffee plantation! Your mission is to discover where the shipments have gone.

August 6 Mission: X Marks the Spot

mission_4The coffee shipments have been found and you discover they were stolen by pirates. Your mission is to go onto the pirate ship to recover what was stolen.

July 16 Mission: Wild West Roundup

Cowboy Bob’s horse has gotten loose and is somewhere in the Wild West. Our Secret Agents need to follow the horseshoe trail and find the lost horse.

August 13 Mission: Save London Bridge
Tourists have reported that London Bridge is indeed falling! Our Secret Agents will become engineers and reconstruct the bridge.
July 23 Mission: Finding Freedom

statue_of_liberty_mission_7The Statue of Liberty has disappeared! It is our Secret Agent’s assignment to explore New York City and bring the Statue of Liberty back.

Aug 20 Mission: Our Nation’s Capital

washington_monument_week_10Our Secret Agents will be put through a wild goose chase through Washington DC, as they look for clues from past Presidents, attempting to discover our original US flag.

Spots are Limited!

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