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Age Range:
6 weeks - 15 months
Areas of Learning:

Social Stimulation

Baby Sign Language

Motor Skills Development

Baby Steps Infant Daycare Program

Our Infant Daycare program provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for the littlest ones in our care. Our caring teachers will work cooperatively with you to nurture your baby through the early stages of development. We provide continuity of care between your home and our classrooms by partnering with parents and developing a strong understanding of each child’s individual needs.

NGCC’s infant curriculum includes activities such as art projects, baby sign language, and singing songs to help your child explore the world. Doggie and Kitty, our infant program mascots, help teachers bring stories and learning to life.

Infant Classroom

Our infant classrooms have everything care providers need at their fingertips: refrigerator and microwave for food and bottle preparation, separate sleeping area with individual cribs, and cubbies for your child’s clothes. Teachers use the latest age-appropriate infant equipment and manipulative toys with your child throughout the day. Weather-permitting, teachers take children outside on buggy rides to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Parent Communication

Each day, teachers will write a personalized note about your child’s day including details about nap times, lunch, diaper changes, and any supplies needed. All classrooms are equipped with telephones, so feel free to call any time to check on your baby. All Next Generation Children’s Centers have an open door policy. We welcome and encourage visits from parents—especially breastfeeding mothers.

Program Highlights

  • Shoe-less classrooms to reduce outside contaminates
  • Baby sign language to enhance communication
  • Individualized curriculum for each child
  • Open door policy for parents to visit
  • Walks outside part of our daily routine (weather permitting)