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Next Generation Children’s Centers Parent Testimonials is a database for obtaining local testimonials, photos and videos for all Next Generation Children’s Centers markets. The purpose of the database is to allow current or past Next Generation Children’s Centers parents, teachers, alumni, etc. to provide testimonials about their positive experiences with Next Generation Children’s Centers Schools. These testimonials/photos/videos could be used in advertising from the local to national level. When an individual provides a testimonial, they are agreeing to let Next Generation Children’s Centers use this content as needed in print ads, commercials, marketing collateral, voice-overs, videos, online, social media, etc. They are also allowing Next Generation Children’s Centers  to edit the content of their testimonial as seen fit for these various uses. These edits will not change the content of the actual testimonial, but rather will be used for things such as length, grammar, clarity, repetition, removal of background noise on videos, etc. Participants will also be able to search the site and view these testimonials.

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