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We love hearing from our parents! If you have any feedback or words of thanks that you would like to share with us, please feel out the form below. Looking for a preschool for your child? We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

This week marks 6 years since we became a NGCC Sudbury family and we could not be happier. Year-round childcare, inside/outside play and nutritious meals are provided, but there is so much more. Our children have benefited greatly from the welcoming, safe, nurturing and positive environment created by teachers and staff. The program used to help children learn and grow is wonderful. They are able to develop into independent thinkers, while creating strong connections with their peers and teachers. Our children have enjoyed art projects, science experiments, writing/readings, games and fine/gross motor activities, all the while learning new facts and skills. The proof of this great program came daily with the excitement to share in what they did each day, but also when our oldest enter Kindergarten at a level above expectations. Sadly, this is our last year with NGCC Sudbury, but we know the knowledge and skills which were instilled in our children will serve them well in the future and the friendships we have all made are a fantastic bonus.

Melissa 5 stars - Excellent

Through our two sons, we’ve experienced the infant, young toddler, toddler, and preschool programs. The teachers and administrators really care about the kids, both in making sure they feel loved and teaching them new things. This is the best place for our boys to be!

Diane 5 stars - Excellent

Our son has been with Next Generation Westborough since the age of 3 months old. The teachers and directors were welcoming, communicative, and made us feel at home from day 1. Now my son is 2 and we continue to love everything about Next Gen. He’s learning new things everyday and he runs into class everyday and gives his teachers big hugs. His teachers care for him like he’s their own child. Another great perk – it certainly helps that we don’t have to pack snacks and lunch for him everyday. They even provide wipes! We largely chose Next Gen Westborough because all of the kids seemed to happy and they truly are. Happy kids…happy parents!

Nichole Larracey 5 stars - Excellent

My son is so happy with his teachers and the whole staff! He goes in smiling and comes home smiling! Everyone in the school addresses him by his name and they do a great job!

Kelley 5 stars - Excellent

My son is in the infant program at NGCC and so far we have had an amazing experience. His teachers are wonderful, the classroom is always clean and most importantly, he is happy to be there! We are even more excited now that there is an online app being utilized. We now get updates and pictures throughout the day – this allows us to see little “snapshots”, and we love it!

Timon A. 5 stars - Excellent

Next Generation has been a wonderful home away from home for my 3 children. They provide everything we need which allows us to feel comfortable and confident leaving our kids. The programs are educational and our kids have gotten so much out of them. A great place to send your kid!

Rebecca M. 5 stars - Excellent

NGCC in Westford has been a blessing to our family! We LOVE this school. Our son has been there for over a year and our next son on the way will attend next year too. The teachers and all the staff are so friendly and loving, and I know every day our son is learning new things and doing fun activities. He is blossoming so well because of this school. Thank you NGCC Westford!

Emily Brearley 5 stars - Excellent

Next Generation has been a wonderful home away from home for my 3 children. They provide everything we need which allows us to feel comfortable and confident leaving our kids. The programs are educational and our kids have gotten so much out of them. A great place to send your kid!

Rebecca M. 5 stars - Excellent

Our family has had an amazing experience here! The teachers and staff are warm, loving, and dedicated to their students’ well being.

Jen P. 5 stars - Excellent

We have loved NGCC for years! Both of my children have gone there full time since 3 months old. NGCC’s teachers and staff are very loving, caring and attentive to my kids. I am impressed with what my children are learning both socially and academically. The additional services they provide relative to meals, laundry, bottle washing, etc. sets them apart from others and makes NGCC a great value for the price.

Melissa R. 5 stars - Excellent

My toddler has been at NGCC Beverly for over a year now. We absolutely love it! The directors and teachers are compassionate and dedicated to their work. We are happy with our daycare decision and highly recommend this center to all families.

Laura T. 5 stars - Excellent

My 7.5 month old son has been attending NGCC for 3 months now and we couldn’t be happier with the school. His teachers love him and he loves them. A true test is that he reaches for them when I drop him off in the morning, not worrying about where I am or where I am going! The teachers listen and take feedback very well. I really view them as an extension of our care at home. Being a working mom, they also take care of some things that allow me to focus on him when I get home from work, like sanitizing his bottles and washing his clothes. They also do cute little projects with him that they send home. My husband and I love NGCC!

Lianne K. 5 stars - Excellent

We have had 5 years of experience with Next Generation in Franklin and we anticipate 3 more to come. The majority of the staff have been with NGCC for many years and are fantastic, thoughtful, fun, and ceaselessly patient. We were incredibly grateful that our son had Jess and Alex as teachers this past year in the toddler class. Jess has the most amazingly unfailing positive outlook and love for all things “small people.” I believe she and Alex made a great team constantly creating clever solutions to keep their crew busy and engaged in the world. The facility is well maintained, the curriculum engaging, and everyone is very professional and friendly. In addition they make parenting life easier by handling many of the stresses of the day-to-day by providing healthy kid-approved breakfasts, lunches and snack, and doing laundry! We never hesitate to recommended NGCC to friends.

Hannah C. 5 stars - Excellent

We have been part of the NG family for almost a year and I could not be more pleased. Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child and the staff at NG is a tremendous part of our village as well as family. Our two boys attend school here and I know that they genuinely love my children. My preschooler is as busy as they get and they coached us through potty training, welcoming a new sibling and we could not have done it without them. My 20 month old started when he was 13 month old, we have seen a tremendous change in my son and he has taken so many strides since joining the NG family. The front of the house staff, has a warm welcoming smile every morning and evening. Its apparent that everyone there love their job….Thank you for getting to know my children and being part of their day.

Beth L. 5 stars - Excellent

This school is second to none! Our children are visibly happy at this nurturing center, and it is obvious to us that they and their teachers love each other. The staff does so much to make parents feel included in their children’s day, and special, seasonal activities and newsletters help families and staff connect. The classrooms and grounds are immaculately kept and inviting for the kids. We never worry about our children’s safety, and we are always impressed by the variety of learning opportunities their teachers provide.

Samantha L. 5 stars - Excellent

As a working mom, there is nothing more heartbreaking than dropping your child off at a daycare, but next gen is more than that. It is a home away from home. As a category 5 germ freak, my germaphobia was put to rest immediately upon our tour. The teachers are friendly and truly care about the children. The directors are beyond top notch. My child was beyond prepared for kindergarten and my youngest is excelling more than I could have imagined. Wonderful place, I could not say enough good things!!

Heather B. 5 stars - Excellent

Both of my children have been enrolled at NGCC Marlboro since they were 3 months old. My son learned baby sign language from Gretchen and Diane in Infant C. It was really helpful when he became a toddler and could communicate with us. He draws and brings home art projects. Now that he’s in preschool G with Miss Ami, he knows his letters and numbers. He is also learning how to be a good friend and make good choices. There are many playgrounds for each age range and I think it’s important kids can get fresh air every day. Now my daughter is in Infant C and I look forward to seeing how she develops with the help of NGCC.

Lorrie C. 5 stars - Excellent

A loving friendly environment where learning through play is a priority and every child is treated in a loving respectful way. We have had nothing but great experiences with teachers and staff in the 4 years my son has attended. Everyone at NGCC is attentive and professional while providing the loving, silly environment kids thrive on.

Melissa M. 5 stars - Excellent

As new parents, we had no experience with daycare. It was difficult to choose a location. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and close to home. We found what we were looking for and more! Our daughter is being cared for by Andrea and Julie that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. We love to hear daily things that she is experiencing and learning. We appreciate Andrea and Julie because they are actually teaching and not just “watching” her.

Judy C. 5 stars - Excellent

We’ve been part of the NGCC family for 4 years and have 3 children currently enrolled ranging from 4.5 to 12 weeks and it’s been great! My husband and I both work full-time outside of the home. The ability to send our children to the same place through Pre-K was one of the many things that drew us to NGCC 4 years ago. What we didn’t know was how much this team would truly become part of our family. The administrative staff has been very supportive to our needs (despite some turnover hiccups – but I understand efforts are underway to curb this going forward?), the teachers are wonderful , friendly, knowledgeable & attentive. Our children really do enjoy going to school everyday to learn & explore all things new with their friends and cannot wait to share exciting happenings with their teachers (Andrea & Julie, Monday’s do not come soon enough for our little guy lately). And we of course find extreme comfort in knowing that when we cannot be there for our children, the nurturing staff at NGCC are :).

Jolene K. 5 stars - Excellent

My children have been through every program at Next Generation Children’s Center in Sudbury and I couldn’t be happier. The center is always very clean and the teachers take pride in their classrooms. They are the only center around with a full service kitchen that serves meals & snacks! No need to pack lunches etc.

The infant staff is fabulous. You can tell they genuinely care about each baby and their family. The teachers are so helpful with all the transitions that come about in becoming a toddler. The toddler staff is amazing! The teachers engage my very active child throughout the day. He is only two years old and can already count to 10 & knows his ABCs! There’s always a sensory and/or art project going on. His social skills are amazing. My older son graduated from Pre-K and is ahead of the game in Kindergarten this year! The curriculum is awesome! He was writing words before June and is already reading! The children are so eager to learn because the teachers make it fun! I can’t say enough good things about NGCC Sudbury!

Kerin H. 5 stars - Excellent

My son has had a fantastic two years in Pre-school and Pre-K classrooms at Next Gen in Sudbury. He loves his teachers and so do I! He started at age 3 after coming from a home daycare and I was so reassured and comforted in making that transition when I realized that it wasn’t just his own classroom teachers that knew him, ALL of the teachers knew him very quickly. All of the staff quickly became a great support network for our family.

Natalie S. 5 stars - Excellent

I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with NGCC. My son just graduated from NGCC in 2016 after attending for one year. Prior to NGCC he attended a large childcare center for a couple years and then small home center.

We found NGCC to be the perfect balance for childcare. They have the compassion and fun first mentality and of a small home center and the educational curriculum you’d expect from a larger center without being overbearing, and having excessive evaluations. NGCC hits on the major points you look for in a daycare: Safety/Trust – The staff is outstanding at all levels (support through directors). Quality Education – All basics you would expect and they introduce kids to foreign languages (mostly Spanish) -Great play are outside, and some space inside as well. Convenience: -Food is provided throughout day. -Laundry is handled on site (nap bedding, drying of towels after water play, etc.. -Options for length of days Overall Cost/value.

One of the most impressive aspects for me was the way they handled my son’s diagnosis of a serious health condition. They contacted corporate to identify resources they had available and trained all staff in the building to best help my son; the 1 of roughly 300 kids. They really went well above and beyond my highest expectations. They treated us like family, and to me that is the most important factor anyone could look for in a childcare provider.

Andrew G. 5 stars - Excellent

We have been sending our two little ones to NGCC since they were about 7 months old, starting in the infant rooms, through the toddler, pre-school, and pre-K classrooms. We are very happy with Westborough NGCC. The teachers are great, the kids have lots of space, and the provided lunch and snacks are a big help for us. Most importantly the teachers and management have worked with us to provide a suitable solution when issues arise. The kids have also enjoyed the different activities they have like Halloween party, themed school days, fire truck visit, and Dr. Seuss week.

J. W. 5 stars - Excellent

My son is almost a year and has been at NGCC in Westford since he was about 3 months old. He is always happy at drop off and pick up. The covered porch makes it great for the infants to get time outside without a lot of sun exposure. We don’t have to worry about him while we are at work since we know his teachers are following what we do for him at home.

Laura W. 5 stars - Excellent

NGCC Westford, MA has been a wonderful home away from home for my son (now 11 months old). Everyday, I drop him off knowing that he is in great hands! The teachers are warm and loving … and a lot of fun! The classroom is a happy place with lots of giggles and music. The admin staff is very friendly and welcoming. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience for us.

Sonal A. 5 stars - Excellent

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