Kindergarten Results

Kindergarten Results

We recently asked the parents of some of our graduates from our Westford Kindergarten program how things were going post-NGCC and here are some of the wonderful responses our Director Sandie Leger received:

Ella is off to a great start in first grade at Westford Public Schools. We just had our first parent/teacher conference before the holidays and Ella is performing above average in her classroom. She is reading at a high level and is one level away from where they expect her to be at the end of the year. Many of the books she is reading now were first introduced in Miss Lynn’s classroom! On a social level, she continues to be extremely kind and generous to her classmates often assisting others that need help. Overall, I would say that Rich and I were extremely pleased on how well Ella transitioned from NGCC into a public school environment. I would highly recommend the Kindergarten program at NGCC!

-Kelley Spence (Mother of Ella 2011)

We couldn’t be happier with Next Generation’s Kindergarten program. Our younger daughter is in Ms. Lynn’s Kindergarten class now, and our older daughter graduated from Next Gen Kindergarten 3 years ago. We have been part of the Next Generation family for over 8 and ¬Ĺ years and truly consider it family. While we will be sad to leave it when our younger daughter graduates, we know from experience that she will be well prepared for first grade ¬†academically, socially, and emotionally. We have always said that Lynn is the quintessential Kindergarten teacher. She is warm, encouraging, and able to build upon each child’s strengths, while gently handling any issues in a positive and constructive way.

-Kris and Jeff (Parents of Lisa 2012 and Eleanor 2009)

Our son Daniel attended the Westford NGCC Kindergarten program after attending NGCC’s other programs since the age of two. We were very excited about the comprehensive curriculum and were even more impressed by the caliber of teacher in Ms. Lynn. The class was appropriately sized to allow for a close-knit community feeling as well as extensive individual attention for each student. Daniel developed into a confident, articulate student that year and was completely prepared for the challenges that would come when he entered first grade. We were so pleased with Daniel’s experience and are happy that our son Tait will be starting the kindergarten program in September. Thank you NGCC!

-Liz (Mother of Daniel 2010)

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