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NGCC Is Open! Monday, March 21st.

Next Generation Children’s Centers will be open regular operating hours on Monday, March 21.  We encourage all staff and families to allow ample time in your morning commute to  provide for your safety. Please call your school if your child

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Full STEAM ahead!

It’s full STEAM ahead at NGCC! The education field loves to use acronyms to describe their educational and curriculum initiatives.  Acronyms like STEM and STEAM are popular in educational jargon right now, but what do they mean?

A Good Night Sleep

by Cynthia Parker-M ED. Children need their sleep for healthy growth.  A newborn needs up to 18 hours of sleep per day (including naps) while a five year old still need up to 11 hours per day.  Developing healthy sleep

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Going to Kindergarten?

Here is a great article from our friends at NAEYC talking about easing your child’s mind as they move into Kindergarten!

Trying to get it all done at home

by Cynthia Parker-M.ED. With young children, working to get simple tasks such as a meal prepped, the dishwasher loaded or bills paid can seem like a daunting task.  Sure, you can do some of it after your child goes to

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Saying Goodbye with a Smile

t is quite normal for children to tear up and feel sad when saying goodbye to a parent at drop off.   In fact, often children will grow out of this phase and then fall back into it when they become

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Holiday Stress

How would you describe the holiday season for your family; joyous, rushed, exciting, festive, frazzled?  It can certainly be all of the above, and parents of young children are particularly aware and impacted by the pace of the holiday season.

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Reading and Your Child

March is National Literacy month and every year Next Generation Children’s Centers marks it with a week-long Dr. Seuss celebration!  Each year we read classic Seuss tales (you probably remember them as a child) to ALL of our classrooms –

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Mother’s Day Ideas

Nothing says I Love You to a mom quite like a handmade gift.  Mom’s don’t need expensive jewelry or shopping sprees (although we won’t say No to those either). A simple, thoughtful handmade gift from our babies (even our big babies)

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Toddlers and Biting

Biting is a developmentally appropriate behavior for toddlers.  Many children experiment with biting between the ages of 1-3.  The child’s caregivers play a pivotal role in helping the child develop more positive problem solving behaviors during this time. Biting is

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