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At Next Generation Children’s Centers (NGCC), we believe the experiences and education a child receives early in life are an essential part of their future happiness and success.

The main objectives at our private preschools and childcare centers are to teach responsibility and courtesy, to guide students towards a love of learning, and to encourage the talents and gifts of each child.

We will fill your child’s day with discovery, play, arts, and music, and we always have plenty of time set aside just to let “kids-be-kids.” We have created a warm, entertaining environment that gives young kids gentle guidance, and the freedom to explore and learn our goal is that when you and your child look back on your time at any of our preschools, you will do so with fond memories and a smile.

Our Daycare & Preschool Programs

NGCC has created a diverse range of early childhood education programs and activities to support the growing minds, bodies, and emotions of young children, from six-week-old infants to pre-kindergarteners.

The findings of more than 20 years of research are at the root of our preschool programs. This leading research has allowed us to create programs that combine learning, fun, safety, and a healthy way of life.

Like our students, we love to learn, which is why we keep current on the latest findings in childhood development and cognitive sciences. We regularly integrate results from these studies into our childcare programs so that we can provide your child the best early childhood experience possible.

Our Preschool Locations

We would love you and your family to visit any of our 10 preschool locations in Massachusetts. We have childcare centers in the following cities:

Our happy parents say:

“NGCC is a loving, friendly environment where learning through play is a priority and every child is treated in a loving, respectful way. We have had nothing but great experiences with teachers and staff in the 4 years my son has attended. Everyone at NGCC is attentive and professional while providing the supportive, silly environment where kids thrive.”


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